I’ve been delivering photography tuition days and personalised photography courses for aspiring photographers located in the Inverness & Highlands region for several years now.  Back in the mists of time, I used to be a university researcher - and about the only thing I miss about my old career is teaching.  Tuition days give me the opportunity to scratch that itch - it is something that I absolutely love to do and each year it represents some of the most fun I have in my job!
As a professional commercial and “people” photographer as well as a landscape and outdoor sports photographer, I am unusually generalist for a professional - and this I feel helps me to provide tuition on a broader range of photographic topics than most.  Whether you are a beginner who is frustrated by your camera and bewildered by its settings, a keen amateur looking to broaden your horizons into flash photography, or an aspiring professional looking for advice from the inside track, I'm here to help.

In recent years, I have also provided many days of tuition to local businesses looking to improve their photography for social media - including images captured exclusively with smartphones such as an iPhone.  I myself use an extremely aged iPhone SE, and it's capability never ceases to amaze me.  To see a few examples of my iPhone images from 2014 through to 2019, all captured on either an iPhone 5S or an SE, see here.
The format of a tuition day is extremely fluid - it will encompass what you need.  Usually we'll have a chat beforehand to establish what you want to achieve, and take it from there. Sessions over theory, or over your actual photos, with cups of tea indoors can be just as fruitful as an epic jaunt into the Highland wilderness!  Of course, at the opposite end of the scale, if your thing IS epic jaunts into the Highland wilderness, I'll be a very willing companion!  I'm here to help you, so we'll do what will achieve that aim most quickly.

To discuss your requirements, or just to make a preliminary enquiry, please contact me here
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